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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

woman-blowing-noseMost of our customers are not thinking much about the quality of the air they breathe when they call us for an installation. Rather, they are thinking about the temperature of the home. We are comfort specialists, but temperature is not the only factor in indoor climate comfort. Many people are surprised to hear that we can help improve indoor air quality too!

Better indoor air quality starts with habits around the home and ends with calling professional technicians to add to your HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Read on for tips on indoor air quality improvement for relief from allergies, asthma, and illness. Call our team for more information.

Keep the Home Clean

The first step toward better indoor air quality is keeping the house as clean as possible—though preferably without the use of chemicals. Chemicals in the air can recirculate and become a lung irritant.

Do your best to keep up with vacuuming and dusting as much as possible, but no need to overdo it. Just try not to miss spaces like the outside of air vents where air moves into your home.

You can also keep dust out of the house by enforcing a “no shoes inside” policy, or having people remove outerwear at the door.

Let More Fresh Air In

Believe it or not, the outside air tends to be a bit healthier than the air inside. If you’ve never heard of “sick building syndrome,” you should know that this isn’t just for commercial properties. Even a standard home can be deemed “sick” because stale, stuffy, polluted air keeps moving around.

We install heat recovery ventilators that can help to prevent this. You don’t want to open a window to let in fresh air when temperatures outside are too high or too low. But an HRV system lets in fresh air while putting it through a heat exchanger first so it either loses heat or gains heat before entering. That means a minimal effect on your heating and cooling bills.

Consider an Air Filtration System

A high quality air filtration system is much more than just a filter. A filter can miss many of the worst culprits in terms of indoor air quality, as the smallest ones are often the most harmful. That’s why we recommend whole-house air filtration systems that are designed with efficiency in mind, trapping more particulate than any standard filter can do thanks to a pleated design and advanced materials.

Add UV Light to Your HVAC System

Bacteria and viruses are a huge threat to any immune system. And if you have an immune disorder of any kind, this can be even worse. Germs may be floating through your air right now, but they are quickly killed off when you have an ultraviolet light system in your heating and air conditioning equipment.

UV light kills germs on contact, sterilizing them so they are no longer harmful to breathe in. It can also get rid of odors and chemicals in the air, and it does so for the whole home (not an isolated space).

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