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Axiom Tees Up for Education: The 5th Annual Karl G. Larson Charity Golf Outings

Friday, December 15th, 2017

Mario LoPrinzi, owner of Axiom Home Services, Inc. got a little help from someone in-the-know before he was able to run a successful HVAC company. Now, he wants to give back to the next generation and make sure that more students see the value and need in the HVAC industry.

The Gustave A. Larson Company helped him to do just that at the 5th Annual Karl G. Larson Charity Golf Outing in Salt Lake City this summer. The money raised from this charity event, which was hosted in 4 cities across the US, helps fund research and scholarships for the HVAC industry.

Karl Larson, who passed away in 2012, loved this industry as much as we do. The Larson HVAC Lab at the College of Engineering & Applied Science at the University of Colorado – Boulder helps to keep that legacy going, allowing students to conduct research in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Because of the efforts of Mario and people like him, the events were able to raise a substantial amount of scholarship money, which can help someone with drive to get started in the HVAC industry. Entering into this field has been great for Mario and his family, and we want to see more people prosper in and benefit the industry.

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The Problem with a Sloppy HVAC Installation

Monday, December 4th, 2017

two-technicians-door-ladderWe understand the urge to price items before settling on one or the other. We do this every time we go to the grocery store—deciding if it’s really worth it to get the name brand ketchup or if the store brand will do just fine. Of course, picking out a new air conditioner or heating system isn’t the same as selecting condiments from a grocery shelf. Why would you shop as though it is?

Many people attempt to save money on air conditioning and heating installations—HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems—by shopping around for the best price. Unfortunately, the best price doesn’t always translate to the best company. Often, we find that “cheap” companies are just that. You may end up with an installation that doesn’t meet your standards, and costs far more to fix than it did to install.

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