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Upgrade Your AC Before It Cools Off

ac-unit-money-pileBuying an air conditioner tends to be a process you don’t want to deal with. An air conditioner is known as a “distress purchase,” something you buy only in a time of need. You cannot get by in Albuquerque without air conditioning, and it makes more sense to replace the entire system right away when you’re dealing with near 100° heat.

However, as the temperatures begin to drop, you might feel that replacing the air conditioner is not such an urgent job. We’re here to tell you that, with fall coming up, you shouldn’t wait any longer to replace the AC system.

Be Honest with Yourself

Are you really going to upgrade your AC before a heat wave hits next spring? The thing about air conditioners is that they often fall victim to a common human habit: out of sight, out of mind. If you’re the kind of person who can schedule “buy a new air conditioner” into your calendar for February or March and actually do it, great!

But if you are like most of us, it’s probably better to do this now, while it’s fresh in your mind. As you dwindle down AC usage, fall can be the perfect time to upgrade your AC and know it will be there in the middle of a heat wave when you need it.

Technicians Are Available to Help

If you decide to wait until summer to get a new AC, you may be faced with a dilemma. Technicians are, well, kind of busy! They may have time to see you in case of an urgent situation, but you can still end up waiting hours if a company is slammed. In the fall, you can feel confident that a technician will be free to help!

You Can Spend More Time Finding the Perfect Installation

Not only do technicians have more time for you in the fall, but you have more time as well! Because temperatures are dropping, you don’t have to worry about running the AC. This gives you more time to look over your options and begin determining the right system and efficiency rating for your home.

You might even decide to get a heat pump! A heat pump is a heating and cooling system in one, so this will come in handy if you are looking for a replacement unit you can use year round.

You Are Likely to Save Money Overall

All in all, you’re going to save more purchasing the new AC now, while you have time to pick out the right unit, than you would if you waited until the next burst of hot weather. You save on an emergency AC repair/replacement call, first and foremost.

It’s possible that your air conditioner is still running, and you only expect it will break down soon. If it’s 10-15 years old, you’re probably right. And in this case, running an air conditioner will be quite costly and you’re likely to be uncomfortable. It’s much better to spend the money on AC replacement now and get more out of your investment.

Repair or replace your air conditioner in Albuquerque with the help of the experts at Axiom Home Services, Inc.

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