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Why Convert Your Swamp Cooler?

swamp-cooler-roofYou’ve been using your home’s swamp cooler for a long time. You’ve come to rely on it…well, for the most part. But there are some times when you walk into a store air conditioned with refrigerated AC, and you simply feel a sense of relief. If you ever have the feeling your swamp cooler simply isn’t delivering the quality of cooling you deserve, you’re not alone.

More and more people in our service areas are ditching their swamp coolers for refrigerated air conditioning. Is it worth converting to standard central AC (or a ductless system) for you?

Can’t You Fix My Swamp Cooler?

If your evaporative cooler just isn’t giving you the output you need, there’s probably not much we can do. You may need a bit of a refresher on how your evaporative cooler works. There is a “cooling pad” that is really just moistened. There are no refrigerated components whatsoever!

Instead, a swamp cooler relies on the natural process of evaporation made easier thanks to our dry climate. (That’s why it is technically called an evaporative cooler. You wouldn’t want to use it in a swamp!) As the fan moves dry, warm, outside air over the pad, the water evaporates. This process requires heat, which means the air loses some of its heat as it moves to your home.

If it’s not working properly, it could be the fan motor or a lack of moisture reaching the pad. More likely though, there’s just a bit of humidity in the air. You cannot expect a swamp cooler to lower temperatures much more than about 10°, and if it’s humid out, forget about it! (Let’s not forget about monsoon season.)

Doesn’t Central AC Cost More to Run?

This is a common fear for people in our area: that upgrading to central AC will drain their pockets each month. It’s true that a swamp cooler uses less energy because only fans require power. However, you may notice that your monthly bills don’t go up very much if you have a high-efficiency system in place.

While the initial cost is also a concern, there are ways to make it manageable, such as the potential for financing (from some companies). Over time, the comfort you feel for the price you pay will feel worth it, at least.

Is It Really Worth the Cost?

Of course, the final decision goes to you. However, we think your family deserves on-demand air conditioning they have complete control of. Yes, it will cost more to install, and your bills will be about the same if you use a high-efficiency system. However, your family will be able to get through any day without worrying if the heat will wear them down in their own home.

Having a central control system is beyond convenient, and window units don’t compare. The central thermostat allows you total control, down to the precise temperature of the home. And of course, the cool air you’ll feel through the vents has no comparison.

Axiom Home Services, Inc. offers AC services in Albuquerque, NM. Ready to upgrade your evaporative cooler? Contact us today!

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